OS X El Capitan clean install

Those are my followup instructions to do a OS X El Capitan clean install.

App Store

OS X El Capitan, KeynoteNumbersPagesXcodeTelegramDr. CleanerThe Unarchiver, Citrix Receiver, Atom, SourceTree, XQuartz, Junos Pulse, OmniDiskSweeper.

Junos Pulse

Add this certificate to make it work and do not tell it to save your password (will break your login keychain).

Xcode Command Line Tools


Disable System Integrity Protection

Restart the computer holding cmd+r to startup on recovery mode, then click on utilities > terminal, run the following command and restart.

Disable Time Machine local backups





OS X Preferences



Allow any .htaccess files used to override the default settings:




Download from MySQL site the .dmg version (even if it says version 10.9 it works on El Capitan).

Set MySQL root password.

Fix the 2002 MySQL Socket error.

PHP intl extension

Remember to disable System Integrity Protection, or you won’t be able to modify system files.

Enable PECL and PEAR.

Add it to /etc/php.ini, no-debug-non-zts can differ.

Update all

Install ICU dependency (52.1 or higher)

Install Autoconf

Install intl extension, when asked for ICU, enter /usr/local

Add it to /etc/php.ini

Cleaning up


Download PHPMyAdmin, unzip and move it to the document root server.

Make the config folder and make it writable.

Run the setup, add a new server > authentication > set the password for root and save. Now move config.inc.php from /phpmyadmin/config to /phpmyadmin.

Add users (if you made them) and hide default MySQL databases.

PHP Composer

To be able to do a composer update you need to unset “https_proxy=”.